About us

Ramenplaatser offers you crane assistance, mobile crane rental and glass installation in the shortest time in Wommelgem and surrounding areas.


Core of the business

One of the main element that makes us unique compared to our competitors is that we have 25 professional windows installers, including a team of 4 for glass placement.


Vertical transport

We do vertical transport with a truck mounted crane and a mini crane. Ramenplaatser is one of the best specialists in its sector and proud of the quality of our work.


Crane work and rental

Our company mainly does glass placement, but general crane work is also covered.
We are experts at working in hard-to-reach places, even with heavy loads.


Ramenplaatser BV

Herentalsebaan 103
2520 Ranst
BTW NR 0670.737.578
Tel: +32 485 588 121
Email: info@ramenplaatser.eu

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